Carolayn Crane opened Pyour Core in LBI in 2014 and Little Silver in 2019 because she saw the need for an elite, state of the art training facility for people to rehab an injury, build strength, flexibility and mobility, and improve athletic performance all under the guidance of educated, qualified and certified instruction.

IN 2021, Synergy Hot Yoga joined the family and now we  provide  a more complete fitness and wellness experience to clients.

The atmosphere is not only spa-like, it is an environment encompassed with a warmth, homey-ness and happiness that is relaxing, friendly, encouraging and exciting all at the same time.

Our Pilates instructors have certifications in neurological disorders, brain injuries & stroke as well as rehab for peripheral joints and spine.  We also specialize in general athletic conditioning.

Our specialized Rehab Reformers offer our clients a better workout as it allows for our trainers to customize the equipment to better fit our clients.

Our Hot Studio with its state of the art infrared radiant heat system and integrated humidity creates a comfortable and highly therapeutic environment for hot yoga and fitness classes.

And our in-house Chiropractor will keep your body primed and in alignment for optional function!

  • We offer Group and Private Pilates Reformer classes, Hot Yoga; the classic Hot 26 as well as Hot Power Vinyasa and YIN (link:Sweet Honey flow), Inferno Hot Pilates, Off the Barre and our signature Flex, and Cardio Pump classes.  (Class names are clickable to descriptions)
  • Our certified teachers’  primary focus is to maximize your experience regardless of your fitness level, age or body type. Because our teachers are so highly trained, and we have very little turnover, they really get to know you and improve your fitness.
  • Practicing Pilates on our Equipment will give you leaner, longer muscles, and prevent the risk of joint injury as well as relieve joint and back pain, better mobility and strength.
  • Practicing yoga and fitness in the Hot Room provides deeper and safer stretching, a better cardiovascular workout, greater flexibility and balance, stress reduction, mind/body connection, and a calm sense of well-being. It will benefit you from the very first day you try it, and will continue to enhance your life in surprising ways the more you come.