PYOUR Nutrition

Jessica L Cahill RDN, LD, CSCS

Jessica is the resident Nutritionist at Pyour where she provides guidance and counseling to clients and staff. Sports and nutrition are not just a career but her life. She believes that body, mind and spirt are all key in health and wellness. With a Bachelors of Science in Health & Exercise from The College of New Jersey and a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University, Jessica will help anybody reach their fitness and health goals. Her credentials being a RD (Registered Dietitian), and CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from NSCA). She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics attending events nationally each year.

After earning State Championships and National Championships in Women’s Lacrosse & Field Hockey, and working with athletes of all levels, Jessica found that food was often not considered when it came to training and recovery. As a personal goal to be the best and to lead others to success Jessica left the world of strength training to become a Registered Dietitian. While studying it became clear that nutrition and exercise are more than just performance but disease prevention. The world of health and wellness is full of magic pills and misleading claims. Her goal is to help individuals navigate the maze to find a lifestyle that fits their needs and leads them to their own success. She strong believes in mapping a life filled with positive people who were also living deliberately with gratefulness every day.

Early career development included mentoring groups of up to 40 adults for weight loss, sports nutrition and disease related diet interventions in both lecture and discussion. She supports local and National health goals by promoting a healthy diet and exercise in the community for fund raisers and to promote her brand Success By Lifestyle. Jessica has provided corporate wellness presentations on Eating for Optimum Energy, Healthy Eating on a Budget, Weight Loss Tips and Myths, and Mindful Eating. Jessica was a Speaker at the Philadelphia Sports Expo in 2014. She has conducted research on the knowledge and the use of Nutrigenomics and the use of Microbiome integrated medicine. Jessica is the Sports Dietitian for Kean Women’s Lacrosse & Xplosive Sports Academy.

Currently, Jessica is an inpatient Clinical Dietitian for Lourdes Health System where she is responsible for performing Medical Nutrition Therapy and providing patient education. Her favorite part of this setting is working with critically ill patients for optimal nutritional status and supporting recovery. As a Home Care Dietitian for Jefferson Health System Jessica is able to support patients through lifestyle changes in the home setting where they are more comfortable. Her favorite part of home care is promoting positive meal time for patients and their families through nutrition education interventions and community support. Within the hospital and home care setting she provides counseling for adults with diabetes, obesity, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease, bariatric surgery and many more diagnoses.

A career with both human connection and opportunities to inspire people to live healthy lifestyles was the foundation of Jessica’s professional journey and formal education. Her experiences in higher education, coaching and dietetic training have provided her with a substantial foundation to provide high quality, compassionate care. Not only does she strive to live well every day of her life, but she truly want to aid others by improving their lives and the lives of our future generations.

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