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Pyour Flex

Challenge your stability, build core strength, lengthen and tone your muscles in a completely new way! Utilizing an innovative system of multi directional & varied level resistance flex bands this full body workout checks every box!

*Pyour Flex does not use latex free bands*

Pyour Ryde


Cycling with Real Ryder Bikes. These bikes move! Recruit 10x more muscle burn twice the calories

Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga

Zero Compression, Inversion, Suspension Training

Pyour Fit


Suspension training system offering 180 degrees of rotation for the ultimate core & stability workout!

Pyour Barre 360

A vertical workout incorporating stability barre & 3-dimensional training

Halo Training

Complete core workout utilizing the halo trainer & large stability ball

Pyour Strength

Challenge balance & stability while building strength & toning muscle

Pyour Shred

A mix of interval & body weight training on a custom mat, designed to shred your body in a safe & effective way while building balance, joint stability & core strength

Pyour Mat

Pilates mat with props

Pyour Stretch

Designed to stretch and lengthen every muscle in your body to build flexibility. With the incorporation of a yoga strap & massage ball, this class will allow you to achieve a magnitude of benefits while loosening and lengthening your muscles.

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