In all of my years of working with special populations, I feel so blessed to be a part of their healing and rehabilitation. They are why I am hungry for continuing education and why I continue to build and expand my business. First there has to be hope to heal; then encouragement and lastly a modality that brings the body and the brain together.

Meet Mike, this beautiful note was written from he and his wife Kim. Their spirits when they first came to me seemed dampened. They were searching for hope and light and came in with the slightest shimmer of some sort of that.  By the end of our first session they were floating! Filled with a new charged energy and hope. Mike's progress has been staggering. He and Kim’s dedication is amazing!

This is what they wrote.

Just under two years ago, at the age of 58 Mike suffered a large ischemic stroke which has affected his speech and the movement of the right side of his body. Before the stroke Mike was very active, working for over 30 years in building trades and enjoying biking, surfing, and stand up paddle boarding in his free time.

Immediately after the stroke he spent a month at a rehabilitation hospital and then when discharged did outpatient physical therapy. What we quickly realized was that the outpatient therapy combined with at home exercises were not doing enough to push him forward with his healing. Knowing nothing about Pilates, we saw an ad in the newspaper for Pyour Core and it said that they worked with clients with neurological issues and decided to check it out.

It is exactly the help he needed. He has been going once a week for the last 5 months and the improvement has been amazing.  All of his doctors have noticed the improvements and are encouraging us to continue. Stroke is the leading cause of disability and we are so grateful to have learned that there is help beyond what is thought of as traditional therapy.


Mike and Kim C.

Please note that we are only as good as our teachers and I must thank Meghann Koppele owner of The Neurostudio and her partner Mariska Breland for creating the most comprehensive and brilliant programs ever! Without their teachings I would not be able to be as successful with this population of people. Truly, thank you.