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Carolayn Crane opened Pyour Core with the pure intention of bringing a unique and state of the art boutique training methods as well as a full Pilate’s studio and rehab to Long Beach Island. In getting to know and working with the population on the Island she saw a need for an elite state of the art training facility to be available for people to rehab an injury, build strength, flexibility and mobility, and improve athletic performance all under the guidance of educated, qualified and certified instruction. The atmosphere she has created is not only spa-like, it is an environment encompassed with a warmth, homey-ness and happiness that is relaxing, friendly, encouraging and exciting all at the same time.

Carolayn Crane

• • •

Carolayn Crane is a fully certified Stott Pilates trainer in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, All Barrels as well as Rehab for injuries, special populations and neurological disorders. She continues her specialized education in all injuries to date. She has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry. Carolayn holds multiple certifications such as, Real Ryder Cycling, Halo, Cross Core, Total Barre and Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga to name a few. She has also created several classes such as; Pyour Shred and Pyour Flex in her think tank "Pyour Lab" with head trainer Linda Meade. She continues to successfully train and rehabilitate clients, whether it is an old or new injury, or a severe nervous system ailment causing serious debilitating balance issues such as Guillen Barre Syndrome, Brain Damage, Parkinson and M.S. Under her supervision her client’s progress is staggering. Carolayn is always expanding her certifications and incorporates her education into her training and builds into her class choreography. Making her classes unique, her training challenging and the results unbelievable.

Jessica Cahill

• • •

With a Bachelors of Science in Health & Exercise from The College of New Jersey and a Bachelors of Science in Dietetic from Kansas State University, Jessica will help anybody reach their fitness and health goals.Her credentials being a RD (Registered Dietitian), CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist from NSCA). Favorite Food: Beets, ask me why... Sports and nutrition are not just a career but her life. Jessica has been active since a young age always outside with friends and family playing sports, swimming, biking and running. One Christmas Jessica said the easy bake oven was not cutting it and she asked Santa for all "real" cooking and baking tools. With a little garden and some family recipes most of her time inside was in the kitchen experimenting. Fast forward though State Championships and Nation Championship in Women's Lacrosse & Field Hockey, Jessica found that food was often not considered when it came to training and recovery. As a personal goal to be the best and to lead others to success Jessica left the world of strength training to become a Registered Dietitian. While studying it became clear that nutrition and exercise are more then just performance but disease prevention. The world of health and wellness if full of magic pills and misleading claims. Her goal is to help individuals navigate the maze to find a lifestyle that fits their needs and leads them to their own success.

Linda Meade

• • •

Linda Meade is a lifelong fitness enthusiast! She has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry and has secured multiple certifications throughout the years. She is AFAA group certified as well as Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair, Barre and Small Apparatus. Linda also holds certifications in RealRyder Cycling, Mad Dogg Spinning, Personal Training, TRX & Cross Core Suspension Training, Halo, Kickboxing and Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga. She has also created several classes including Pyour Shred and Pyour Flex with studio owner, Carolayn Crane. Linda enjoys challenging clients to bring their best effort forward in their workouts through an emphasis on proper form and nonstop motivation! She hopes to infuse clients with her enthusiasm to be fit and healthy. Helping people gain more confidence and self-esteem is a priceless reward of working in the industry. This mindset translates to a more positive outlook on life. As a certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life, she is able to help clients to focus on developing habits of a healthy lifestyle. Linda stays current with fitness trends and research by continuing to educate herself through hands-on workshops and webinars. She loves being able to share her knowledge with clients to help them enjoy and succeed in their exercise journey. This includes training and rehabilitating clients with Neurological disorders such as Parkinson's and MS. A career in fitness and sharing it with others…what more could you ask for!

Elizabeth Benn

• • •

Liz has always lived an active and fit lifestyle. She has been skiing and snowboarding since the age of 3 and involved in sports and fitness her whole life. Liz graduated from Stockton University where she majors in Hospitality and Tourism Management. While working at Pyour Core she found a way to incorporate her passion for fitness into her life, and completed her certifications for Real Ryder Cycling, Halo, Pyour Stretch, Pyour Flex and Vinyasa Yoga. Liz is excited to build her fitness career and continues to obtain more certifications such as; Functional Anatomy and Total Barre. She enjoys teaching classes to like-minded fitness enthusiasts and strives to challenge you and bring you to new heights in your fitness journey. Liz looks forward to sharing her passion with you and make you the best possible you!

Dr. Edward Barbieri

• • •

Dr. Ed Barbieri is our in house chiropractor. Dr. Ed was first exposed to chiropractic at a young age, receiving his first adjustment just moments after he was born. Regular chiropractic care helped Dr. Ed to recover quickly from numerous athletic injuries during his adolescence and allowed him to excel in football and lacrosse. Dr. Ed went on to enroll at Pennsylvania State University where he pursued prerequisites and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. Dr. Barbieri continued on to the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and became the 5th member of his family to practice chiropractic. Dr. Ed looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals. Schedule your appointment to find out how chiropractic can help you.

Naiomi Ferrette

• • •

Naiomi has always loved sports. As a kid, she participated in basketball, soccer, crew, field hockey, and softball. She is very passionate about her love of sports and helping people through Physical Therapy. Naiomi now a licensed physical therapist attended Thomas Jefferson University where she completed her BS in Health and Sciences as well as obtaining her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. She has experience working in acute, sub-acute, and outpatient settings. In an effort to expand her ability to rehab and graduate her clients, Naiomi’s educational journey lead her to Merrithew Health & Fitness's headquarters in Toronto Canada to study with their Master instructors for Stott Pilates Rehab program. She is excited to blend the modalities of Physical Therapy & Pilates to offer strong programming for her clients and looks forward to training with you!

Karin Farnham

• • •

Karin, originally an NYC girl, moved to LBI over 10 years ago and took her childhood love of fitness with her. She started running with her sister when she was 7 years old and has been at it ever since. Karin loves to combine the freedom of outside running workouts with the extra push and collaboration that a group class offers into her weekly routine. She is a working registered nurse and is fascinated with bio-mechanics, functional anatomy, functional training and exercise physiology. Her thirst for knowledge and love for exercise has led her outside the scope of nursing to accumulate multiple certifications such as Real Ryder Cycling, Cross Core, Pyour Shred, Pyour Flex and Halo training. Karin continues on her health care journey by building her certifications in the fitness realm and maintaining her nursing career, staying current and active in her education. As a true and loyal instructor at Pyour Core Karin will always bring in a fun, high energy, safe and motivating atmosphere!

Karen Worobel

• • •

Karen has always been active and athletic from a very young age. Soccer, gymnastics and tennis kept Karen fit through her childhood. She has also enjoyed group fitness classes such as kickboxing, boot camp, spin and cross fit. After many years at a sedentary Finance job, Karen discovered Pilates to help weak back muscles. After a few classes and enjoying the benefits of a strong core and improved posture, Karen was hooked and became a certified instructor. She is comprehensively trained through Pilates Academy International in New York. She has also completed workshops in pre and post-natal, Post rehab for injuries and Pilates for MS and Neurological conditions and Golf Conditioning. Dedicated to perfecting her craft, she has also added Halo and Real Ryder Cycling and Pyour Flex to her list of certifications and Karen is excited to join the Pyour Core team in Surf City.

Holly Rowe

• • •

Holly’s love of adventure and fitness began at an early age. Traveling to 25+ countries she has run through the streets of Barcelona, cycled through the countryside of Ireland and swam in many clear blue seas. She began working in the fitness industry at age 19 as a Rock climbing instructor and managed a running store before deciding to further her love of health and fitness with a BS in nursing. Holly is a certified personal trainer with NASM and teaches Barre, Pilates, shred, ryde, and strength.

Dalia Viggiano

• • •

Dalia Viggiano is a Certified Personal Trainer, graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Health and Exercise Science and specialized in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. Dalia started playing recreational sports at a young age and when she was in 7th grade she found a passion for running and continues to be an avid runner. She has completed 3 Full Marathons, several Half marathons and many other races. She has been working in the Fitness Industry since 2002. Dalia resides in Little Silver with her husband and their two daughters. She has also completed several workshops Pre and Post Natal, TRX, Flexibility, Stretch, Power Plate, Fat Loss, Balance and Core Training, Speed and Agility, Children and Teens and Sport Specific. She currently has AFPA Certified Personal Training Certification, AED, CPR and First Aid. Dalia is looking forward in joining Pyour Core Team in Little Silver.

Haley Meade

• • •

Haley is a former Division I Field Hockey Player who recently graduated from Rutgers University. As a competitive athlete, she was constantly exploring training options to reach her full potential on and off the field. Thanks to her mother’s strong background and knowledge she was introduced to the world of fitness at a young age. It was her example who inspired Haley to turn her passion of fitness, wellness, and coaching into a way to help others become the best versions of themselves. Haley is certified in MadDogg Spinning, RealRyder, and Pyour Flex and is currently working towards her AFAA Group Fitness Certification. She is eager to continue her education to expand her knowledge and gain more certifications. Haley strives to give the members of her classes a fun and motivating experience where they are guaranteed to walk out feeling stronger both physically and mentally!

Jaclyn Salerno

• • •

Jaclyn started dancing when she was 3 years old. As she got older and more competitive in dance she found herself cross-training and looking for avenues to gain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Jaclyn is currently a dance teacher and a head coach of the competition team at her studio. She is excited to expand her career of teaching and inspiring others into the fitness world. She has recently completed her Mad Dogg, Real Ryder, Pyour Flex, Pyour Stretch and Total Barre certifications. She is looking to continue her education and gain more certifications within the years to come. Jaclyn infuses her knowledge of the anatomy of the body, it’s modalities, and her dance background into the choreography of her classes to create a fluid, fun, totally body workout!

Julia Walker

• • •

From a young age, Julia has always been an adventure and outdoor enthusiast. Her passions drive from being in the mountains, on the beaches, and hiking through the woods. Surfing and snowboarding are the two sports that she has come to love, especially since they’re completely dependent on the forces of nature and how focused and educated you have to be on the conditions to perform well. Julia also participated in cross country and lacrosse during her years in high school and understands the level of commitment needed for team sports as well. Julia is currently working toward her Pilates mat & equipment certifications at Gramercy in NYC while already being certified in Pyour Flex. Julia is excited to start her apprenticeship at Pyour Core and work closely with their master instructors to craft her skills and build strong programs for her clients. Her desire to help those around her perform better in all aspects of life and encouraging everyone to get outside and enjoy the world is simply her passion.

LB Kass

• • •

LB Kass danced professionally with the NBA Phoenix Suns Dance Team for 5 years. She was an All Star dance recipient with Universal Dance Association and later became a UDA Instructor. LB was represented professionally by DDO Artist Agency. Over the years LB Kass has performed on MTV, Inside Edition, and Good Morning America. LB was the Director of Capezio Marketing & External Affairs. After guiding the Capezio brand, LB Kass decided that she wanted to return to her roots as a dance instructor. Using her nearly 40 years of dance experience, LB created DANZhouse Fitness program and opened a studio in Shrewsbury, NJ. Yollet TM and DANZenergy are the featured classes that gained the attention of the industry. Yollet TM and DANZenergy have been featured in Dance Spirit Magazine and Dance Teacher instructional video of the month. LB was a two-time Lululemon Ambassador. To date LB has added WEforum Ambassador and Capezio Athlete to her resume. She is currently featured on livestrong.com. In June of 2019 after 10 years in business, LB sold her studio to her two main instructors. DANZhouse Fitness studio currently thrives and will carry-on offering a large variety of dance fitness classes.

Presently LB has developed a NEW program called MOVE by LB Kass. MOVE offers 3 classes. Dance Escape - low impact dance workout. Yollet TM - Yoga + Ballet fusion. The Shift - a mindful movement stretch class. LB is excited to continue teaching dance workout classes while helping others achieve healthier and happier lifestyles.

Sharon Soto

• • •

Sharon has always been intrigued by the mind-body connection. At a young age, she was very active and involved with sports from elementary school through to the collegiate level. The desire to share her love for achieving true health and wellness through therapeutic modalities led her to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She also holds certifications in Antigravity Aerial Yoga & Fitness, Pyour Stretch, and soon to add Pyour Flex and Pyour Shred. Utilizing her experience in the restaurant industry, she combines her food knowledge with her passion for physical activity. Her love of surfing, traveling, and hiking are preventative actions for staying mentally and physically healthy.

Lauren Klatsky

• • •

Lauren first started practicing Pilates in 2010 to remedy nagging aches and injuries from her career as a collegiate cross-country runner and avid yogi, and hasn’t looked back. Pilates taught her how to build strength & endurance and improve flexibility without causing unnecessary wear and tear to the body. She loves the mental aspect of the practice as well, which helps clear the mind and alleviate stress. In addition to Pilates, Lauren holds holds certifications in the MELT Method, Pyour Flex, MovNat and ELDOA. Lauren looks forward to helping her clients achieve their goals by “working smarter, not harder” (she has a master’s degree in astrophysics) and enjoy every single minute of their journey.

Anthony Lauro

• • •

Dr. Lauro graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989 with honors in research and has been in private practice since that time. Dr. Lauro specializes in wellness healthcare; he co-designed the Stay Fit Senior System and co-founded Stay Fit Seniors Inc. in 2006, a specialized circuit training program for senior citizens . In 1991 his research study, “Chiropractic Effects on Athletic Ability” was published in the April issue of The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation. The results of this research demonstrated significant improvement in athletic performance in asymptomatic athletes under chiropractic care. Dr. Lauro has lectured to thousands of chiropractors and has published numerous articles regarding the results of his research. From these findings, Dr. Lauro developed “Chiroforce” a patient education program for chiropractors to teach their patients the benefits of chiropractic care regarding improved athletic performance. Dr. Lauro practices in New City, NY at Body Bank Fitness, and in Little Silver NJ at Pyour Core Little Silver. Dr. Lauro has been an exercise advocate for over 45 years and integrates exercise as a vital component to his treatment programs for his patients.

All Pyour Core Clients can receive a complimentary chiropractic assessment.

Dr Lauro specializes in:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Arm or Leg Pain
  • Tightness in the shoulders
  • Headaches


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